Santos Pizarro

Santos “Shorty” Pizarro, 73 years young transitioned home peacefully on Thursday April 16, 2020. He loved life and lived in and for the moment. He was an avid bowler, a foodie, loved music of all genres, and loved the horses. He was the life of the party, fun loving, kindhearted, spiritual and inspiring.

He is survived by his loving wife of 55 years, Carmella and his children Anthony, Maria, and Christina. He is further survived by his grandchildren Jarryl, Anthony, Brandon, and Jaleesa. Additionally his Daughter in law Liz and his sons in-law Richie and Louie. He will be survived by many more as words cannot begin to describe how loved, blessed, and wonderful a man he was to so many.

Please share any thoughts, memories, funny stories, words of encouragement that may help us celebrate and honor our Dads legacy.

“In light of the recent worldwide occurrences dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19; the family has chosen for a Memorial Gathering to be held at a later date to celebrate and honor His Life. Arrangements were entrusted to the care of the LIBBY FUNERAL HOME, 55 Teller Avenue, Beacon, NY 12508 845-831-0179. To offer a message of condolence or share a fond memory, please visit:

Rest easy and Fly high Daddy.

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  1. Jarryl Smith says:

    Pipe thank you for being you, thank you for the lovey memories you leave behind. Thank you for always believing in me regardless of whether it was sports, school, or music. Your legacy lives on forever through each and every one of us that is left here on this earth. Your presence will be dearly missed, but I promise you it will never be forgotten.

    I remember when I was younger and had shown you my first attempts at making music, and being so enamored with your stories of playing Music throughout your life I was so excited to show you what I had been working on. Now looking back on it, those songs weren’t the greatest, and I had a lot of coming into my own to do as an artist, but here we are several years later and I continue to grow upon my artistry. If it wasn’t for your constant encouraging and longing to hear me make more music I don’t know if I would still be on the path I am on today. Music is a big part of who I am today and I have nobody else to thank you for that except you. You encouraged me to be open to hearing different genres, different style s of music. But most of all, you encouraged me to always follow my dreams, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, and what I encourage you all to do. Reach for the stars, it’s what Shorty would’ve wanted.

    Pipa you may not be here on earth physically anymore, but your spirit walks with me every single day and I am forever honored to be in your presence. I love you Pipa, ‘til the day we meet again!

    With nothing but love,

  2. Brandon Smith says:

    My Pipa made it a mission to take all of his grandkids to do things whether it was going to the Intrepid to see the war ships or to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone for the first time. This particular day I remember there being a serious lack of planning, but Pipa thought it’d be a great idea to go to the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade. No idea of where we were headed or how packed things would be, we head out to Manhattan just a few hours before Charlie Brown took the sky. Now we get there and of course, we could not see a thing over the thousands of tourists, but that wouldn’t do for Pipa. Why do something if you’re not going to do it right? We spent the afternoon jumping fences and sneaking around police to get better views. We ignored the cops wishes of where we could and couldn’t stand. Finally, (and I was young so I don’t exactly remember all the obstacles we hurdled) I got to see Charlie Brown up close and personal. This is one of the many stories that showcases Pipa’s optimism and along with his resiliency. It’s just a testament to how my grandfather was the same man and brought all of those qualities all the time whether he was at the Macy’s parade or fighting yet again the in a hospital rooms. He was and will always be the GOAT. Love you Pipa, rest easy.

  3. Lou Osorio says:

    Shorty Sinatra, I always called you that. Because you did it YOUR way…
    What can not be said about you? Heart of Gold, & a spirit that lit up the path before you. Arguably a Great Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother in Law, Uncle, Friend Etc. Etc & Father in Law to me personally. (*Or Brother in Law as you always introduced me as…) lol
    Shorty you took me in from DAY 1. I instantly felt genuine Love from You Shorty. I can’t think of any 1 time we were in each other’s presence without laughing. Even our last trip to Costco, days before you went to the hospital. When you lied to me saying you left your mask. Only to catch you scampering to put it on when you saw Carmella waiting on the curb, when we got back… That loving fear I guess… Hahaha…
    So many will miss you. But NO ONE will ever forget you Shorty… I know I won’t… Sleep in Peace, & I know you’re going to have a Beer waiting for me…
    Love You Shorty… Lou Lou…

  4. Anthony Pizarro says:

    Dad giving you a kidney 13 years gave you additional years to your life, but words can’t describe the 53 years of life that I shared with you. As my dad you were always there as that confidant to discuss my highs and lows with and you got me through my trials and tribulations. I had so many great memories probably too many to put here but here are a few, the days we went to the race track and always made sure you bought me the foot long hot dogs, when you took me to the record studios watching and listening to the awesome music you created, the many bowling teams we were on and even winning a doubles tournament, the trips to the lake as a child, the trip to Niagara Falls,San Diego, Vegas and the list goes on. You were the best dad and touched so many. I know that the love I had for you was unconditional as was yours for me. You taught me well dad how to be a good husband, father and cook all the traits I learned from you. Your work ethic was also something I inherited from you, like you we do what we have to in order to make sure the family is always taken care of. Dad continue to shine down on us I know you’re good and you’ve made it to God’s kingdom where we will meet and embrace again. Thanks for being my best friend but most of all thanks for being my DAD. Love rest in eternal peace

  5. Anthony Pizarro says:

    Pipa was such a kind soul. He was a warrior and a trooper! His laugh and smile would light up the darkest of rooms. My grandfather had the biggest passion for music, which is where i felt i connected with him the most. This man would try to hit the highest of octaves (unsuccessfully of course) but he’d still go through and sing the song as if he was winner of american idol. My grandfather had an overwhelming love for his grandchildren. That love would turn out to be a huge molding in who i am as an adult today and I have Pipa to thank for it. He did it all for us, whether it’d be taking us to go bowling, to go to the horse track, county fairs, pretty much anything FUN pipa could think of he took all the grandchildren to do. HE EVEN RENTED OUT A WHOLE SKATE RINK IN CANADA FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY JUST FOR US!!!!!

    Pipa I just wanted to reiterate how much of an impact you had on my life. I thank you for everything you’ve done for our family and friends. Thank you for giving me one of the best fathers i could ever have. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, so thank you thank you thank you! I don’t have to tell you to keep a watch over us because I know you already will! You will live on vicariously through our hearts

  6. Maria Reyes says:

    My Papa…Words can’t express the pain I feel losing you. You were the foundation that kept our family in harmony. I am blessed to call you my Dad. I thank God for having you with me for 51 years of my life. You taught me so much..Thank you Dad for being you. You did an amazing job with all of us. I will miss those times when I called the house and you answered, ‘Department of Social Services ‘. You always made me laugh with that. I remember telling you ‘Okay Papa, you need to think of something else when I call’…lol.
    Dad, I am also grateful to God that he gave us the opportunity to pray together. I know you are resting now and dancing with the angels. This brings me so much comfort; Papa I Love You. Your memory will live in my heart forever and the thought of you will never leave my mind.

  7. Richard Reyes says:

    It was a blessing to have crossed paths with you, I thank God for the opportunities we had to enjoy moments together. You are a very special person who have touched me in a special way and I will not forget you. You are a great father inlaw. Everyone seems to be getting better and moving forward but I feel stuck. I hear your voice echoing in my head saying good things to me and to others. Today, I just want you to know that your memories will forever resonate in my heart, and the only thing that makes me happy in my sadness, is kmowing your in a better place than we are. You deserve the best for all the hard work, and sacrifices you’ve endured for so long. You remain a blessing and until we see each other on the other side, I’ll be on this one doing my best to stay focused.

  8. Liz Lopez Pizarro says:

    When I me you almost 32 years ago, I felt a strong connection between us. We joked that it was because we were both April/Aries babies, but I believe it was more than that. You had a way with making me feel like part of the family right from the start. It was the fact that I saw in you the kind of man, husband, father and one day grandfather your son was going to be for me and our family because he learned that all from you. It was the way you treated people…all people, with such a kind heart and genuine compassion, the way that you provided for your family and loved each of your grandchildren unconditionally. The way that you were just ‘Shorty’ with all your ‘Shorty-isims’. I’m going to miss you and your contagious laugh very much! Know that you have touched my heart and countless other hearts. Shorty you will always be remembered and never be forgotten as your children and grandchildren carry a piece of you in each of them. I love you, rest easy as we’ve all got it from here.

    Forever your daughter in law,


  9. Jaleesa Pizarro says:

    You are an amazing man and warrior. I am beyond blessed to call you my grandfather. From your crazy dance moves to your singing you just knew how to make people smile. You impacted so many people in your life and you know it Mr. People person. I have so many amazing memories that I will cherish forever. First thing I’ll never forget is when you would be watching Jarryl, Aj, Brandon, and I and we would start to run away and hide around the house from you once were heard DaDaDaDa DaDaDadada. Another memory was when you would blow on our noses (haha only a select few will understand). You taught me so many thing in life and I will forever love you for that. I want you to enjoy Heaven with everyone! Also I better start hearing some big booms when it thunders because you know Angels love to bowl when it storms so now I will be thinking of you when it’s starts to storm. I will continue to stay strong for everyone as much as it hurts I know you are watching me and saying that’s my granddaughter. I wish that you could be here physically for all my accomplishments, but I know you will be by my side spiritually. To end my post here are two quotes/poems I will always remember you by:
    When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.
    This second one really hit home…
    God saw he was getting tired,
    And a cure was not to be.
    So he put his arms around him
    and whispered ‘Come With Me.’
    With tearful eyes I watched him suffer
    and saw him fade away.
    Although I loved him dearly,
    I could not make him stay.
    A golden heart stopped beating,
    Hard working hands to rest;
    God broke my heart to prove to me
    He only takes the best!

  10. Christina says:


    I am broken without you. I love you forever and ever. I know you are resting in Gods paradise and watching over us. Thank you for giving me strength and a fearless spirit that has allowed me the endurance to continue to breathe. With that said, All my love, all my hugs and a thousand plus kisses to you, until we meet again. Wear your well earned wings and fly high Daddy.

    Luv your baby girl

  11. Christina says:

    This is what 55 years of love looks like ❤️❤️

  12. Dawn Schnupp says:

    Someone so special can never be forgotten, may your soul rest in peace. We will always remember Thursday nights at Bowlmor Lanes. 🙏🙏

  13. Crystal Spence says:

    Shorty you welcomed me into your family from the very first meeting. You were always kind and funny. The holidays I spent with your family have been and will always be memorable. May you forever rest peacefully. I will miss you flirty comments under my Facebook posts ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I say all this with love. God is going to be very entertained with you up there. 🙏🏾🌹

  14. Vivian Reveron-Heim says:

    I’ve had the ultimate honor of knowing Shorty for a few years. He has left a tremendous impact on my life as well as his friends and neighbors. A real Salsero & Motown aficionado, Shorty enjoyed playing his music at the benches where he lived. We will miss those serenades! Sleep in heavenly peace my friend ❣️

  15. Lourdes Garcia says:

    I had the opportunity to meet your father when I moved from state Island to the Bronx….Your father was a very kind, respectful and humorous person that made my moving very peaceful…my condolences go out to you and the family..may he rest in eternal peace.

  16. Stephanie llanos says:

    The most humble sweetest person ive met at Hilton .. he was like a big brother to most … shorty you will be missed .. i speak for many … dont think i ever saw you upset!!! You brought life to a room … god gained a beautiful angel sip Shorty

  17. Lisa leong says:

    Shorty had this way about him that can light up a room in a matter of seconds. He was caring loving and funny… His Smile his laughter his voice I can still hear him in my head. I can see him say what you mean and laugh. Shorty was a huge part of my life we shared laughs and tears he has watch me cry, yell and smile and we always told each how much we love each other. He always had my back one thing for certain he was very happy the day me and pete got married . He shared both mine and Pete’s stories on our relationship and was loyal to us both Me more lol . He will truly be missed my heart aches but I know he not in pain anymore and he sleeping in peace and no matter what he will always watch over us. Shorty you are my heart my father I didn’t have I love you so much xoxoxoxo

  18. says:

    Truly saddened by the lost of Shorty. I worked with him fir many years and he was always a happy soul. May he rest in eternal peace with the Lord. Prayers for peace, serenity and strength during this difficult time.

  19. Toni Mathevy says:

    I first met Shorty when I was 14 years old. From the first we became friends and then he became my brother in law and friendship turned to love. Shorty was one of those people who was always smiling or singing. He was a happy person. He will be greatly missed. May you Rest In Peace Love Toni

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