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Lulu 2014-2021

Comfort Companion

Lulu 2014-2021, Comfort Companion

In 2015, Lulu the golden doodle became Westchester's first therapy dog to serve families in a funeral home. Like those used in hospitals and nursing homes, Lulu acted as a source of comfort and love in times of emotional distress. Families who requested her presence could soothe their grief by stroking her soft fur or merely enjoying her supportive companionship. A fixture at the funeral home, Lulu was well-known and well-loved by everyone in the Westchester community. Her sweet, outgoing nature touched the lives of all she came into contact with and contributed a calming presence to the atmosphere of the funeral home. Though her passing in March of 2021 was unexpected, Lulu leaves behind a lasting legacy of caring for and supporting others during their time of grief. Her memory has set the standard for all future therapy dogs at Libby. Lulu's presence will be greatly missed by both Libby staff and the Westchester community, but the memory of her dedicated life of service will continue to live on.

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